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The Digital Team:

Interactive Producer
Creative Director
Design and Image Restoration

Interface Specialist
Web Developer
Video Production



Motion Graphics
Sound Recordists

Community Outreach
Assistant Community Outreach
Technical Operations

Ramona Pringle
Michaele Jordana Berman
Michaele Jordana Berman
Marco Avolio
Ramona Pringle
Ramona Pringle
Aaron Ban
Marco Avolio
Ramona Pringle Productions Inc.
Max Armstrong
Ramona Pringle
Marco Avolio
Max Armstrong
Roger Pyke
Doug Pringle
Michaele Jordana Berman
Ramona Pringle
Marco Avolio
Olney Atwell
Paul Essiembre
David Aliperti
Amos Zipori
Adam Parsons
Ramona Pringle
Elizabeth Bryant
Douglas Pringle

The Television Team:

Producer/Executive Producer
Director of Photography
Sound Recordists

Original Music
Consulting Producer
Production Managers

Story Editor
Visual Research
Post Production Supervisors

Post Production Facilities

Online Editor
Opening Titles, Animations & Graphics
Post Audio

Additional Photography

Demo Editors
Props Master
Production Accountants &
Business Affairs
Legal Counsel

Insurance Provider
Special Thanks

Archival and Stock Footage
Vanessa Dylyn
Roger Pyke
Max Armstrong
David Aliperti
Adam Parsons
Amos Zipori
Andy Bely
Paul Essiembre
Alex Khaskin
Brian Cotter
André Czernohorsky
Simon Gebski
Kathleen Mackey
Vanessa Dylyn
Marilyn Fabrizio
Marco Avolio
Marilyn Fabrizio
Simon Gebski
Kathleen Mackey
Post Producers Digital Ltd.
Urban Post
Bruce Rees
A.J. Leitch
Marco Avolio
Hilary Dean
Josie Elfassy
Marilyn Fabrizio
Sandro Frenguelli
Daniel Montgomery
Kathleen Mackey
Maurizio Felli — Doclab SRL
Gianluca Tela
Andy Bely, Michael Pike
Len Rydahl
André Czernohorsky
Michale Raske
Kate Henderson
Rabbi Barbara Aiello
Laura Cattari
Richard O'Regan
Monica Penner/Time N Motion Inc
Front Row Insurance
The Jewish Community of San Nicandro
The Jewish Community of Ancona
Rabbi Jordan Cohen, Temple Anshe Sholom
Rabbi Baruch Frydman-Kohl, Beth Zedec Congregation
Father James Link, St. JosephÕs Church
Professor John Davis
Professor Francesco Lotoro
Professor Enrico Tromba
Marco Avolio
Lori Cohen
Amalia Daniele
Jerry Raasch
The DiCesare Family
The Imperial Family
The Snedeker Family
Archive Charmet/Bridgeman-Giraudonbr
Archivio Storico della Comunitˆ Ebraica di Roma
Beit Hatfutsot: The Museum of the Jewish People
National Center for Jewish Film, at Brandeis University
Stapleton Collection/The Bridgeman Art Library
Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze
Buyout Footage
Civico Museo di Guerra Per la Pace-Diego de Henriquez Trieste
Commentary Magazine, 1948
David Seymour/Magnum Photos
Fondazione Centro di Documentazione Ebraica Contemporanea
Gunnar Bach Pedersen
Fonte di ogni Bene, Instituto Musica Judaica, Barletta
The Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary
Il Messia - Luigi Di Gianni
Photo Archives/U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
Photo Archives/Yad Vashem
Rome Reports, Palio News S.R.L., Italy
The Steven Spielberg Film and Video Archive,
U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
The Steven Spielberg Jewish Film and Video Archives of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the World Zionist Organization
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For documentary:

Executive Producer
Production Executive
Creative Head, Digital Channels
Interactive Producer
Bruce Cowley
Jordana Ross
Bruce Cowley
Annette Bradford

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